Verda™ Partners with Vitamin Angels®

Verda Partners with Vitamin Angels

As part of our mantra to change the way people think about health, we advocate for an emphasis on “wellness” over “fitness” on the path to a healthier life. Wellness starts with the realization that a person’s health is a diverse mosaic of which nutrition and fitness are just two pieces. Mental clarity, personal goals, relaxation, self-esteem, reciprocity, etc. are all part of a more global approach to health and one that we find goes hand in hand with Vegan nutrition.

With this in mind, VERDA™ wants to offer all of our customers a chance to start connecting with these types of intangible contributors to well being, and to become part of a larger movement towards health. We are proud to be an official partner sponsor of Vitamin Angels, an international charitable organization that provides critical nutrients to children in need around the world. A percentage of proceeds will be donated from every bottle of VERDA™ Superfood sold to provide a child’s key nutrients for an entire year! In addition, our 100% plant-based supplements are environmentally sustainable and help reduce our reliance and preeminent focus on animal-based consumption and the industries associated with them.

By providing our customers with the right nutritional tools and information, we hope to send them on an enlightened path not only just to health and fitness, but also towards wellness. VERDA™ is about powering active individuals while maximizing global benefits; we seek to inspire people to find a holistic path to fitness, a personally and environmentally balanced nutrition, and a resonating social vitality.

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