Five Simple Ways to Meditate Anywhere, Anytime


In a world that’s full of hustle bustle and people that are always on the go it’s no question that we could all use a little bit of softness and relaxation in our lives. Meditation is a perfect way to bring us back to our center and slow down a bit though some people may find themselves overthinking and making it more complicated than it needs to be. Follow these basic tips and you’ll find yourself meditating in any situation.

1. Be Comfortable but Alert – Though there are lots of advanced postures to use in meditation the easiest way when starting out is to keep it simply. Simply meditating while sitting in a chair is perfectly find and allows us to meditate almost anywhere; be it on a bus, on a plane or in a waiting room. Make sure you’re in a comfortable posture but be sure to stay alert; if you’re too comfortable you may find yourself snoozing before too long.

2. Just Breathe
– Simply breathe in and out your nose filling up your stomach and releasing the air out fully. Try to expand your diaphragm and fill your belly with fresh oxygen. Taking a few extra deep breaths before starting can help meditation be a bit more effective. Focusing on your breath is the primary attribute to meditation.

3. Focus On Your Feet – Or any body part really. Focusing on specific parts of your body will help you become present in the moment and distract you from your thoughts for a few moments. Sometimes trying to focus on your feet and your hands at the same will also help you in your practice.

4. Observe The Thoughts – A common misconception with meditation is that you’re supposed to not think. This just isn’t the case; even Buddhist Monks often think around 10 thoughts per minute. The idea is to simply observe the thoughts like clouds passing by on a sunny day. Don’t follow or think the thoughts, but rather observe them and let them go.

5. Practice, Practice, Practice – The reason we call it “practicing meditation” is because the idea isn’t to get somewhere but rather to simply enjoy the act of practicing. We’re not meant to be good or bad at meditation; the point is to simply practice. Some days you’re on and feeling great about it, other days you’re not. So long as you continue with your practice you’ve already succeeded.
Practicing meditation daily has immense benefits but most people fear it’s too complicated. The truth is, meditation isn’t complicated; people are complicated. The best bet is to keep it simple, have patience with yourself and accept all experiences as part of the process.

by Verda

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