Lighting the Way by Eating Raw


With the rise of information being available at our fingertips it seems that there’s a new nutrition theory coming out almost weekly. We have low carb, low fat, high fat, vegan, vegetarian, raw, gluten-free and a lot more. Whatever your heart’s desires chances are there’s an eating style to match it.

But how many of these eating styles offer a solid argument for improved health? Unlike the laws of gravity theories in nutrition aren’t so easy to measure consistently. What works for you isn’t always going to work for me. Whether it’s a difference in lifestyle, presence of allergies or simply a matter of a personal belief the way each of us approaches eating can be significantly different.

There is a style of eating that’s been gaining momentum throughout the world. Eating raw organic foods such as fruits, vegetables, sprouted seeds and soaked nuts has become very popular with many of the claims to its benefits having stemmed in the apparent presence of live enzymes in the foods. Some enthusiasts believe that consuming some of these foods raw offers an abundance of live enzymes that improve digestion and other bodily processes. Unfortunately there’s very little evidence to support this theory and many researchers believe that our stomach acids destroy any of the potential benefits of these enzymes.

There is a new theory that’s gaining traction that offers an interesting spin on eating raw, however. This theory stems from the presence of biophotons, or biological light particles found in every living thing on Earth. Biophotons are found in all living organisms and remain present in raw food for a short period of time after being picked. According to German researcher Dr. Fritz Albert Popp consuming a diet high in biophotons can increase the coherent light field found in our body which in turn improves cellular communication. According to his studies our cells use these light particles to communicate in a manner much faster and more efficiently than with chemical reactions. What’s really interesting is that cancer cells have been shown to “suck in” biophotons from surrounding cells leaving them incoherent in a state of chaos. Through measuring the body using a spectrometer research has shown that healthy, vibrant person will have a high level of biophotons where an unhealthy person will have a much lower level.

Though more research is needed optimistic supporters believe that through improving cellular coherence in our bodies we can improve health, reduce disease and keep the body out of a state of chaos. Though going completely raw requires a lot of work that may be a bit overwhelming to some incorporating a little bit of raw food in our diets may just make our days brighter and our bodies healthier.

By Ricky Goodall, Certified Nutrition Coach

by Verda

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