My Top Three Methods of Mindfulness


It pleases me to see that wellness is one of the biggest booming trends in North America right now. It’s been a tough couple of decades and the health of our continent was on a steep decline for quite some time but alas it seems the tides have turned.

More and more research is becoming available to support the ample health benefits for practicing mindfulness. For those of you who are new to this concept mindfulness in short you might understand it as fully living in the present moment. As you’re reading these words you’re taking yourself out of the memories of your past or the imaginary creations of your future and living right here, right now.

Following are my top three methods of practicing mindfulness.

Meditation – Meditation is at the top of my mindfulness frankly because the benefits are incredibly immense. From relieving anxiety to improving digestion, promoting focus and enhanced memory to elevated compassion the research that continues to surface on meditation baffles and delights those in the both the scientific and spiritual community.

Yoga – Yoga could be understood as “meditation in motion.” Yoga has been around for thousands of years (as has meditation) and allows the yogi to transition their focus from their breath to their body while bringing themselves to the edge of their comfort zone. Yoga is a great way to clear the mind while improving strength and flexibility.

Dance – Like yoga and meditation, dance has been around since as long as we have recorded history and although it has evolved and changed over the years still remains a staple in virtually every culture on the planet. Dance is a great way to be completely present in the moment, focusing only on your body and how it expresses itself organically. I believe that if you pay close enough attention in life you can almost see a dance in all of our day to day dealings; whether it’s the give and take of a conversation, the following and leading in a relationship or the simple balance of our business of busyness we can be sure that life has its own special shuffle and we all of our own little part in it.

What’s your favorite method of mindfulness?

By Ricky Goodall, Certified Nutrition Coach

by Verda

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