Seven Practices for Manifesting Miracles


Below are seven simple practices to help you begin to manifest miracles into your life. Integrate these techniques into your daily practice and watch miracles unfold that you never thought possible!

Practice Visualization

Spend time really living the desire you have. Imagine how you will feel when your desire has arrived in your life and feel that feeling now. Day dreaming is a powerful tool in manifesting. The universe loves when you’re very clear about what you desire. Write lists, keep a vision board, brain storm ideas with friends; spend some time being very clear about what it is you desire.

Practice Self-love

Keeping yourself in a high vibration by practicing good nutrition and exercise while being forgiving for your past mistakes and shortcomings is very important for manifesting your dreams. When our minds and bodies are in harmony our ability to work with the universe is greatly increased.

Practice Presence

Practicing being in the moment, whether it be with yoga, meditation, dance or even simply taking a moment to observe our thoughts rather than to “chase the rabbit” is a very important tool for allowing the universe to shift our manifestations. Being present is one of the greatest tools we can use.

Practice Acceptance

The universe likes to work on its own watch and it takes time for some things to manifest; especially if we’re new to these practices. Accept your current situation while having faith that your desire will be delivered.

Practice Giving

Giving before we receive is an age old technique that has been shared by many religions, spiritual teachings, success teachings and more. This may be known as karma, dharma, universal flow, toroidal flow, tithing or many other names but the concept is simple: we must give before we receive! If you want love then you must give love, if you want money then you must give money. It may feel like you have nothing to give but we always have something and faith is an important aspect of making miracles manifest.

Practice Gratitude

Make a list every day of the things you are grateful for. If you feel like all you have to be grateful for is being alive then write it down! Being grateful for what you already have will bring more things to be grateful for in your life. Have the attitude of gratitude.

Follow your Excitement

Once we know our desire and have practice self-love, presence, acceptance and gratitude we must spend our time following our greatest excitement. Do things that you enjoy and that make you happy; even if it’s as simple as reading a book or going for a bike ride. Keep your vibrations high; how you feel is what you will attract in your life so make sure you feel good!

by Verda

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