The Dance


There is a music that plays in the background that we’re not always listening to; in fact many of us don’t hear it at all. It’s a playful romp and a swelling crescendo, a smooth transition from lightness to tension. Sometimes we hear it in our conversations or while we’re listening to the rainfall. We hear it in line ups waiting for coffee and feel it deep in our hearts when we lose a loved one. When we focus too hard on something and grip it with our anxious desperation we drown it out. Whether we hear or not, however, we can be sure the music is there.
As we learn to listen to this music we feel our bodies and souls start to move with it. We find that there’s a dance to this music and we knew it all along. There is a dance when we fight with our loved ones or when we spend our paychecks before we get them. There’s a dance when we chase what pulls us or when we work to get by. There’s a dance when we put too much in our relationships or when we leave them “just until tomorrow.” There’s a dance when we take care of our bodies or when we visit the drive thru one too many times to “grab something quick.” There’s a beautiful, intricate yet simple, swaying, pulling two step to life that if we just take the moment to find our rhythm we’ll never know a day without love. If we spend an extra second watching the sunset, hanging a shoe string just high enough so the cat can’t reach it or just a eating little. bit. slower; we might just find this dance. If we pick up the phone and listen for more than an opportunity to say something or take our time when we hold the door for someone we might feel that flow that transcends our business of busyness. To know it is a pressing responsibility; but to know it is also a complete forgiving surrender.

There is a dance to this thing called life; and it’s the most beautiful thing I have ever known.

By Ricky Goodall, Certified Nutrition Coach

by Verda

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