Three Ingredients For Success in Nutrition


Nutrition can be a challenge for a lot of people, and rightfully so. Whether they’re looking to lose fat, gain muscle, fuel for performance or simply eat healthy it can be a big job for even the strong at heart. As a nutrition coach I’ve faced a lot of challenges both personally and empathetically with my clients and when it all comes down to it I’ve realized there are three very important ingredients for success with nutrition; and no they’re not wine, chocolate and ice cream. These ingredients are:

Excitement – if we’re not excited about both our goals and the foods we’re eating it’s pretty unlikely we’re going to have success. It’s important for us to be energized and drive to succeed. A structured nutrition and fitness plan can be a lot of work and if we don’t have at least some passion for it we’re going to lose steam and quit before we ever get ahead. Keep things exciting by trying new recipes, attempting new workouts or updating your intentions for why you’re doing it in the first place.

Routine – Now, it may seem contradictory to have routine and excitement in the same list but the fact is success is much more likely when we have a routine set in place. Part of that routine could be trying a new exciting workout or recipe each week and planning our Victory Meals* accordingly. A routine keeps us on track and in alignment with our goals and desires and will help them manifest with ease.

Educated Accountability – Most of us have heard that it takes accountability to be successful in our endeavors but what if we’re not exactly sure to what extent being accountable means? We might know that we need to eat healthy to have a leaner physique but sometimes our definition of healthy could be different than what is actually necessary and conducive to our goals. It’s important to attain educated accountability, whether it’s by educating ourselves in what it will take to reach our goals or by having a coach or mentor that has the educated needed. Ignorance can be just as dangerous as complacency.

*a Victory Meal is my spin on the traditional cheat meal; a cheat meal is cheating where a Victory Meal is something you’ve earned!

Through adding a dash of excitement, a pinch of routine and a splash of educated accountability we can be sure we’ll have all of the necessary ingredients to enjoy healthy serving of success in our nutrition.

By Ricky Goodall, Certified Nutrition Coach

by Verda

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