A Simple Formula for Success


When most people think of being successful they don’t often use the word “simple” anywhere near it. Now, I’m not saying that being successful is always easy; there are going to be obstacles and challenges but I do truly believe that success can be pretty simple if we know the right formula to achieve it.

I’ve recently finished writing my first novel The Elements which is a strategic guide to manifesting the life of our dreams. The big theme I found while doing my research on the habits and belief structures of some of the most successful people in history is that they usually followed one of two simple formulas for success. Are you ready for them?

Do what you love + Get really, really good at it + find a way to offer it to others


Find a problem + Get really, really good at fixing it + find a way to offer it to others

Sound simple? It really is. Henry Ford, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, The Wright Brothers and countless others have all followed one of these simple formulas. The really lucky ones got to follow both.

When we combine passion and love to an effective work ethic the universe conspires to clear the road ahead and make it more than possible to succeed. Most times it becomes almost impossible not to succeed. The challenge for most people isn’t finding something they love to do; it’s having the faith and trust that the thing they love will eventually provide an income. I mean, who gets paid to play video games in sweat pants? Actually, a lot of people, and they’re pretty damn happy doing it too. There are lots of ways to make a living doing what we love so long as we’re willing to do that thing despite whether or not others have made money doing it. Just because “no one makes a living” at it doesn’t mean you can’t make a living at it. In fact, you’ll probably have very little competition once you figure out how to.

There is a lot more to the universe than we will ever know and one thing that continues to be consistent in history is that if you follow your heart, do what you love and work your butt off you will live the life of your wildest dreams.

By Ricky Goodall, Certified Nutrition Coach

by Verda

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