Five Easy Ways to Prevent Injury


As a professional athlete I’m all too familiar to getting banged up but staying injury-free is a necessity. Through exercising some daily preventative therapy I’m able to keep my body limber and free of setbacks! Below are my favorite five easy ways to prevent injury.

  • Stretch and Roll – After every workout I make sure I stretch out each major muscle for at least 30 seconds each. This helps remove the lactic acid build up and keep my muscles from cramping. I also use a foam roller on my legs, back and hips. A good stretching and rolling routine is second only to having a great massage!
  • Stay Hydrated – Not getting enough water can cause a number of issues including muscle cramping, tearing and poor recovery. Our body needs water to flush out the lactic acid and other build up that happens from working out. Divide your weight in pounds by 50 to get your daily amount in litres.
  • Breathe – Proper breathing during exercise can help us focus on our technique and make sure we’ve fully oxygenated our muscles. When oxygen flows to our muscles nutrients move with it improving our workout quality. Breathing properly is one of the most important aspects of effective training
  • Post-workout Nutrition – What we eat after a workout is arguably the most important meal of the day, even more than breakfast! Our bodies are most primed to absorb important nutrients after a workout. This is when our body uses nutrients such as carbohydrates for muscle growth and recovery rather than fat storage. Having a balanced post-workout meal within 45-60 minutes after a workout is the best practice.
  • Rest! – There’s an old saying that goes, “there’s no such thing as over training, just under resting.” When we don’t get enough sleep our bodies important hormonal processes get all out of whack and can affect our growth and recovery and can even lead to fat storage.

Practice these five easy steps everyday and keep yourself injury-free!

By Ricky Goodall, Certified Nutrition Coach

by Verda

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