Five Ways to Stay Productive


I’m a pretty busy guy. Between operating my three businesses, competing as a professional mixed martial arts fighter, teaching meditation and coaching hundreds of nutrition clients worldwide staying productive is not only a suggestion but a necessity. If I’m not on my game a day or two of slipping could mean disaster. These are some of my many ways to stay productive so that I can enjoy my downtime with a calm and collected mind.

Make A To Do List and Use It

I have a To Do List app on my phone with about 5 or 6 lists on it that without them my world may fall apart. I use this app for my Daily Dream Routine, important task and other information. Some may argue that relying on technology makes us slaves but I like to think that relying on technology for parts of my life allow me to create a life that gives me the freedom to disconnect from it when I choose to. It would be pretty hard to take vacations and days off without staying very organized on the day to day. My To Do List is my structure and I always keep it backed up.

Get Up Early

I’m not a morning person, in fact I don’t particular enjoy mornings in the least bit. I do enjoy not being rushed and having more hours in the day to get things done, though. Once I’ve gotten myself out of bed and into my day I always feel great. Getting up early has been a practice of some of the most successful people in the world. My mornings consist of meditating, making coffee, making breakfast and preparing my foods for the day and after I’ve shaken off the grogginess I’m always happy I pressed snooze instead of sleep.

Plan and Prepare

As a nutrition coach I know the value in planning and preparing. One of the biggest obstacles in success in nutrition and many of our goals is not having a plan or being prepared. It’s a lot easier to eat fast food when we don’t have food already prepared for the day. I always make sure my day is planned and prepared before I go to bed so my morning can be as stress free and efficient as possible.

Open an Email and Deal With It

Back when I’d get 3-4 emails a day it was easy to open it and come back to it later, however now some days I receive anywhere from 40-50 emails or more. When I open an email I do my best to deal with it right then and there or otherwise it will get buried within all of the other emails I’ve read. If by chance I’ve opened the email and want to come back to it I’ll mark it “unread” to avoid losing it in the abyss.


You read right. Relaxation is also a very important part of my productivity practices. After day comes night, after winter come summer; the universe requires balance for it to exist and our lives are no different. If we don’t reward ourselves with time to relax after all of our spent efforts we’ll surely burn out and eventually crash. Whether it’s an hour at night, a Sunday afternoon or a nice vacation relaxation is an absolute, non-negotiable must.

These are some of my favorite ways to stay productive! Having a structured routine and staying productive is one of the easiest ways to ensure we can strategically fit in our relaxation and downtime, helping us enjoy a happier, healthier and vibrant life.

By Ricky Goodall, Certified Nutrition Coach

by Verda

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