How I Got a Job at a Resort


As I’m writing this article it’s a week before Christmas and I’m frantically finishing up some work before I leave on a place at 3:30am in the morning tomorrow on my way to the Dominican Republic for Christmas. I’m going to be teaching kickboxing for thirty minutes a day on a brand new, all-inclusive five star resort that should be costing me hundreds of dollars a day but is in fact costing me nothing but a plane ticket. I get all of the same treatment as a regular guest (if not better) in exchange for doing something I love (teaching) for five of the seven days. Needless to say, I’m pretty excited.

The story of how I got the job isn’t really all that interested but I’m going to tell it anyway. The interesting part is the lesson I learned by getting it.

It all started one day in April 2014 when I was in a cooking class and the cooking instructor was talking about how she cooked for a cruise ship once. I was thinking, how cool would that be? Working on a cruise ship or even a resort doing something you love. That’s a dream! I immediately set out to see how I could do the same thing. I wrote a status on Facebook saying, “I will teach at a resort in 2014.”

I started looking up resorts in Mexico and the Dominican Republic and began emailing them all detailed emails with all of my credentials, experience and certifications. I probably sent about 30 emails and put a lot of time into each of them. The next day I checked my email anticipating an inbox full of replies. There were none. I waited a couple of days, then a week then a couple of weeks and realized they weren’t coming; the resorts didn’t care.

I knew there had to be a way though, I’ve seen and heard about people teaching on resorts. I started by asking my social network; “Has anyone ever taught at a resort or know someone who has?” A few comments and responses sent me down some different avenues but in the end nothing came up. I decided to move toward my old friend Google.

I typed; “teach at a resort Canada.” What came up were two placement agencies that put fitness instructors on resorts for them to teach. “Really, that easy?” I thought. So I looked on their websites and clicked “Apply Here” to begin my application process.

Within a couple of days I was contacted by the owner of one of the companies. She was really excited to have a professional fighter asking to teach and was happy to accept my application. They accept lots of different types of instructors including yoga, Zumba, dance, group fitness, Pilates and more. My girlfriend is from Russia and teaches Zumba so I got her to apply too and she was also accepted.

About a month later the lady contacted me and told me she has a very high class five star resort opening that needs two instructors kick off their fitness schedule near Christmas. Resorts of this caliber would usually require the instructors to pay a fee (about $500 each) on top of their flights but because there were two of us and the resort was just opening we didn’t have to pay. This resort should cost us about $3000 each before flights but we’re getting it for the cost of our flights. What a dream come true.

So the story of how I got the job is a bit interesting but really anyone can do it. The lesson that the whole process offers is pretty priceless though. What I learned from this is a theme that has been presenting itself a lot in my life in the past year. When you have a dream, no matter what it is or how extravagant you think it may be you must follow it, even when things seem difficult. Through not accepting making sure I continued to dig and search not only have I made it possible to achieve my dream of teaching on a resort I also get to do it with my beautiful girlfriend in a circumstance that is once in a lifetime. Whatever dream you have you absolutely owe it to yourself to do what needs to be done to make it happen. We all deserve the right to live our highest potential and sometimes the first step is making the definitive statement that “I will achieve this dream.”

By Ricky Goodall, Certified Nutrition Coach

by Verda

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