VERDA™ Signs UFC Fighter Myles Jury



We are proud to announce the signing of UFC Lightweight and up-and-coming superstar Myles Jury. A native of San Diego, USA, “Fury” Jury’s 15-0 record carries an impressive weight, and has been making big waves in the Mixed Martial Arts scene.   A pronounced advocate for natural nutrition and humble athlete despite his fight proficiency, Jury represents somewhat of a counter-culture in his sport – a trait that really drew VERDA’s™ attention.

“Myles has demonstrated an incredible sense of humility in the face of incredible opposition and skepticism within his sport,” says CEO Jayson Wyner.  “This is an extremely talented guy with an incredible work ethic and a mind for making a difference; he was a natural fit for the brand.”  Jury brings a strong personal presence in teaming up with VERDA™ to help share the benefits of plant-based nutrition with an increasingly more health-conscious mainstream public.

“I’m very much looking forward to working with VERDA™ as a representative for the amazing benefits of their plant-based supplements in a sport that is saturated with under-powered and over-rated nutritional products,” says Jury.  “I believe that this supplement and the virtues backing it are exactly what I need to both take my conditioning to the next level and to help promote healthy living on a larger scale.”

Jury will be co-headlining an upcoming fight at UFC 182 against Donald Cerrone on January 3rd. VERDA™ wishes him the best of luck in this prestigious event!

by Verda

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