Boosting Hormones with Superfoods


A lot of us have heard about superfoods before. It seems that every week Dr. Oz or some other authority figure is telling us about this superfood or that herb that promises to deliver big results but how many actually work? Today I want to talk about two of my favorites.

We’ve recently opened Elevated Wellness Center in Halifax, NS and one of the first things I wanted to make sure we had was someone who knows their stuff about using nutrition as a medicine. We’ve been fortunate enough to have our very own herbalist on staff who also owns his own natural supplement company that specializes in herbs, superfoods, spices and more. I picked his brain about the two best herbs for boosting hormones in athletes and what the best way to take them is. Below is a description of two superfoods that can safely boost our hormones.

  • Maca Root – Maca Root is an adaptogen meaning it comes from a special family of herbs that regulate and balance our hormones, Maca is one of my favorites because not only can it boost hormones that might be a bit low such as growth hormone or testosterone but it can also lower levels that are overly elevated such as cortisol, the stress hormone. Maca Root is best consumed in a raw, organic powder mixed with water or in a smoothie.
  • Goji Berries – this delicious little treats are easy to work into our diet by mixing them with nuts, seeds or even eating them as they are. Goji Berries have also been shown to naturally stimulate our pituitary gland to produce more growth hormone, aiding in recovery, growth and more.

There are many other amazing herbs and superfoods that can assist athletes such as wheat grass, spirulina, phytoplankton, bee pollen and many others but these two are by far the most effective for balancing our hormones and offering optimal athletic performance.

“Let food be thy medicine and let medicine be thy food.”

By Ricky Goodall, Meditation Instructor & Certified Nutrition Coach

by Verda

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