How to Create an Action Plan


Throughout my years as a professional athlete, nutrition coach and entrepreneur I’ve come to realize some important aspects of setting goals and actually achieving them. At Elevated Wellness Center in Halifax, where I work out of, we offer a special type of coaching called Wellness Mentoring and the core aspect of this coaching is creating what I like to call an Action Plan. An Action Plan is a strategic plan to help us not only determine our goals but also to recognize the obstacles that may stand in our way and to create a structured routine to overcome them and realize our dream. Below are the five steps required to create an effective Action Plan:

  • Proclaim your dreams. What is it you want to achieve and when do you want to achieve it? Write your dreams out using the “I will” format. For example; if my dream is to write a book I might write “I will write my next book by June 2015.” By using the word “will” instead of “wish,” “want” or “hope” we are proclaiming our dream and making a definitive statement. Successful people don’t hope for things, they go out there and make them happen.
  • Live in that moment. How will you feel when you achieve this goal? Take a moment to write a sentence using three descriptive words about how you will feel. Again using the example of my next book I might write “I will feel excited, accomplished and grateful.”
  • Determine the obstacles. Ask yourself what obstacles stand in the way of you achieving this goal. Then, ask yourself if it’s true that these obstacles are standing in your way. Is it really money stopping you from going on vacation or is it being better with your money? Is it really that you don’t have time to learn guitar or do you simply not make time? Be honest and get to the root of the problem. I didn’t have time or money to open my five businesses but they all still happened. The secret is in planning.
  • Tackle the obstacles. Name at least two ways you will overcome each of your obstacles. If you’re saving for a trip then maybe you can start a change jar with “Peru” written on the front. If you’re looking to learn guitar then maybe you can start contacting instructors or looking lessons up on the internet.
  • Create a Dream Routine. Create a list of things you will do every day that will help you work toward your dreams. It could be as simple as looking up excursions on your vacation, putting $1 away every day, playing guitar for 20 minutes and day dreaming about what it will be like when you achieve them. I have at least 15 things on my Dream Routine at any time.

Achieving our dreams isn’t about being lucky or working hard; it’s about working smart. By setting our lives up so that we incrementally shift into the life we want to live we can work toward our dreams bit by bit almost automatically. After all, “luck is when opportunity meets preparedness.”

By Ricky Goodall, Meditation Instructor & Certified Nutrition Coach

by Verda

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