How to Meditate in Three Steps

3 Ways to Meditate

Meditation can be challenging, and it’s not for everyone, though it’s not as hard most people think.

After being trained in Transcendental Meditation and becoming an instructor in Vipassana Meditation I’ve come to discover that meditation can be achieved in three easy steps.

I promise you, if you practice these steps, have patience with yourself and be sure to commit a few minutes every day to practicing you will begin to reap the benefits of meditation in as little as a couple of weeks.

Note: before starting these steps the student should find a comfortable place to sit, whether cross legged on a cushion or even simply on a comfortable chair. Comfortable clothes are also suggested.

  • Take five deep breaths. Making sure our body and brain are fully oxygenated can naturally reduce anxiety and increase focus. Taking five deep breaths is an easy way to make sure we’re fully alert and ready to begin our practice.
  • Conduct a body scan. Starting with your toes simply place your awareness on them and “feel them.” Maybe you can feel the floor under your feet or your socks. After you’ve done that take a deep breath then move on to your ankles. From the ankles to the shins and calves, from the calves to your knees and so on until you reach your forehead. Be sure to take a breath at every part.
  • Count backwards from 99. Once you have completed your body scan begin to count backwards from 99 with every inhale. “99…exhale. 98…exhale.” And so on. Once you’ve gotten to 0 you can start over again or try letting the counting go. If thoughts start to creep in simply begin counting again!

Although it may seem almost too simple the fact is meditation really can be easy. The challenge usually lays in accepting that what we’re doing is meditation and is good enough! Spending just 10-15 minutes per day meditation can be a truly enlightening and life changing experience for anyone.

By Ricky Goodall, Meditation Instructor & Certified Nutrition Coach

by Verda

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