Four Words You Have To Stop Using

Four Words You Have To Stop Using

When it comes to achieving our goals and living our dreams it’s important to understand the impact our words have on each. The things we say literally program our brain for either success or failure.


Our subconscious minds will always look for evidence in our environment to support our beliefs, and the words we’re using quite literally program those beliefs. With this in mind we might be able to understand the importance of the words we’re using and their impact on our lives.


So today I want to introduce you to four words you have to stop using. These words are:










“If” is a word that implies something may or may not happen. When we use it we’re telling our minds that there’s a possibility that something isn’t going to occur.


Rather than use “if” we should use “when.” “When” is a word that implies a definite outcome. Our minds will adjust accordingly and look for evidence to support this belief.


“Want,” “Wish” and “Hope” are all words that also imply we’re living in a lack of something. They tell our minds and the universe that we don’t have what we want and may never have it.


Rather than use these three words we might want to use the word “will.” When we say that we “will” have something our minds will adjust to this belief and start to look for evidence to support it.


Our minds are powerful tools and can either create the life we want or create the one we don’t. It’s important for us to understand clearly how our words affect our minds and by doing so we can literally program our mind for success!


By Ricky Goodall, Meditation Instructor & Certified Nutrition Coach

by Verda

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