As part of our mantra to change the way people think about health, we advocate for an emphasis on “wellness” over “fitness” on the path to a healthier life. Wellness starts with the realization that a person’s health is a diverse mosaic of which nutrition and fitness are just two pieces. Mental clarity, personal goals, relaxation, self-esteem, reciprocity, etc. are all part of a more global approach to health – one that we find goes hand in hand with Vegan nutrition. For us, growing this mindset in society starts first and foremost by taking up the mantle of corporate responsibility in order to lead by example. With this in mind, VERDA™ wants to offer all of our customers a chance to start connecting with these types of intangible contributors to well being, and to become part of a larger movement towards health.

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We are very proud to be partnered with Vitamin Angels, an international charitable organization that provides critical nutrients to children in need around the world. A percentage of proceeds will be donated from every bottle of VERDA™ Superfood sold to provide a child’s key nutrients for an entire year! Vitamin Angels is the proud recipient of the American College of Nutrition’s prestigious Humanitarian Award, and provides life-sustaining services and emotional support to children all around the world.  VERDA™ is proud to support this  noble organization in helping to create a world where every child, from the day he or she is born, has the opportunity to lead a meaningful and productive life.



As part of our focus on producing the safest and most natural whole foods supplements on the market, VERDA™ has partnered with the Banned Substances Control Group (BSCG) to guarantee that all of its products are Certified Banned Substance Free.™ We are proud to be the only Vegan product on the market to hold this prestigious quality control certification.

Founded by professionals with years of experience in the field of anti-doping analytical work, Banned Substances Control Group addresses the concern that dangerous banned substances can be found in dietary supplements, even when these substances are not listed as ingredients.

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Under the scientific direction of renowned anti-doping expert Don Catlin, M.D., BSCG assists responsible dietary supplement manufacturers by certifying that a sample of their product was tested for a list of banned substances, and no banned substances were found in that sample above the detection limits. The details of the basic certification program can be found here

BSCG uses cutting edge anti-doping methodology for all analyses. The detection limits used by BSCG are the lowest detection limits for any similar program worldwide. Supplements certified by BSCG give their users greater confidence in knowing that a manufacturer is taking all precautions to ensure that harmful anabolic agents and stimulants are not contained in their product.

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